Sunday, 14 October 2012


Today was my eighteenth birthday (I'm so old!) and last night I celebrated with my friends by hosting a circus themed party. I could not have asked for a better night - so much fun! I went as a showgirl, the ones that ride in on ponies and do all sorts of flips and tricks!

I was so happy to see that nearly everybody came in costume - there were ring leaders, lion tamers, gypsies, clowns, strong men, tigers and more! I had a fantastic time and was absolutley spoiled by my friends and family - here are just some of the goodies I got!

 Sterling silver tree of life necklace, engraved bracelet and charm bracelet with two charms, Fame by Lady GaGa (which smells AMAZING and is in the coolest bottle ever), glasshouse candle in coconut and lime, three moroccan style tea light holders, gift vouchers and spending money, a huge book on how to make yummy cocktails, a journal, Sportsgirl boyfriend watch and black lite Converse which I've wanted since FOREVER - and more! I am a very lucky and happy birthday girl. Now to enjoy my newfound adulthood with a strawberry daiquiri...

xoxoxo Kate

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