Friday, 26 April 2013

Café Bavaria

We spent our first day at Victor Harbour shopping for Mothers’ Day Presents along the main street and getting coffee and cake from Café Bavaria. What we got? A lot of calories. Mothers Day presents? Still lacking.

Lianna got a slice of German Apple Cake and an iced coffee and Kate got slice of baked cheesecake and a caramel latte. Diet? What diet?

Lianna wears: jacket from Witchery, necklace from Dotti, top and skirt and hand armor from Sportsgirl, bag from MBMJ and ring from Diva.


Kate wears: necklace from Rubi Shoes, fur vest from Dotti, ‘Celine me alone’ t-shirt from With Love Kirsten, pleather pants from General Pants Co, bag from Strandbags and shoes from Target

xoxoxo Lianna & Kate

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anzac Day Op Shopping

We spent our Anzac Day op shopping with a side of cake and coffee. Autumn has officially hit Adelaide and so knits were definitely needed! We scrambled through tables and boxes of second hand  goodies - Lianna had bad luck and couldn't find anything but Kate scored a small gold bag for $3!

We got a citrus tart to share and delicious mochas to keep us warm.

Kate wears: knit, necklace and hat from Dotti, pleather skirt from General Pants, thigh high socks from American Apparel, boots from Betts and Rottweiler clutch from With Love Kirsten.

Lianna wears: t-shirt from Sportsgirl, maxi skirt from Bardot, necklace from Rubi Shoes, bag from Colette and boots from Shoe Shed.

Hope everybody had a lovely Anzac Day Holiday and remembered to commemorate those that fought for our freedom.

xoxoxo Lianna and Kate