Thursday, 27 September 2012

Retail Therapy in Melbourne

I recently took a trip to Melbourne for a some serious shopping for a few days to get out of little Adelaide, rewarding myself with lots of great purchases and decadent meals. The weather was great and did not rain which was really surprising. Unfortunately, Kate stayed in Adelaide because year 12 imprisoned her for the holidays haha. This post is pretty much a photo diary of where i went, wore and ate for the past 5 days. 

There were so many arcades hidden throughout the city in every block, with many amazing architectural features like the leadlight and the ceiling shapes. On the first day, I came across a cafe/desert place in The Block Arcade called Hopetoun Tea rooms, which apparently is quite famous in Melbourne. I had French raisin toast and a tea called 'Strawbery Kisses' which was a concoction of strawberry, rooibos and other sweet ingredients.

On other days I had a smoked salmon baguette, Emma & tom's juice (green power and go fusion), chicken tandoori pizza , krispy kremes (my melbourne tradition) and a 'tasting' plate at Koko Black.

xoxoxo Lianna

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